18 Rabbits Junior Organic Granola Cereal Chocolate Banana (6x8 OZ)

A new cereal innovation designed for young, discerning palates, made from organic and non-GMO ingredients, this better-for-you breakfast line comes in two delicious varieties - Caramel Apple and Chocolate Banana. Offering a low sugar breakfast option that will still satisfy little taste buds, the new Jr. Organic Granola Cereal aims to revolutionize the breakfast space and take over breakfast bowls everywhere, whether with milk or straight out of the bag. As with all 18 Rabbits' recipes, Jr. Organic Granola Cereal was created in founder Alison's kitchen, made from scratch with curated whole ingredients. Caramel Apple combines real granny smith apples, rich caramel and a bit of sea salt with chia seeds, butter, honey and whole grains, offering 3g of protein and only 6g of sugar per heaping half cup.

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