Bionaturae Wild BlackBerry Spread (12x9OZ )

Bionaturae Wild BlackBerry Spread (12x9OZ )
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bionatur_ organic Fruit Spreads are produced using hand-harvested heirloom varieties of fruit from select regions of Italy. The term heirloom describes a variety of fruit, flower or vegetable that has been grown in a certain region for centuries without any hybridization. The flavor of Italian heirloom fruit is sweet, intense and true. It speaks to the pride of the farmers who produce the fruits, and cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. bionatur_ organic Fruit Spreads do not contain added sugar and have the lowest sugar content among leading brands. They are processed at low temperatures and cooked slowly to preserve the fruit's rich flavor and bright color. All of the fruit used in our products is grown on small family farms in remote hillside locations. Raw material can vary greatly in color, flavor and sweetness. Each batch must be reformulated to maintain a consistent and premier product. You may notice a slight variation at times in the fruit spread's flavor and appearance as this product is made in very small batches.

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