Bob's Red Mill Flr Lite Rye Unblch (4x22OZ )

Bob's Red Mill Flr Lite Rye Unblch (4x22OZ )
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Our finely granulated Unbleached Light Rye Flour is a subtle version of our Dark Rye Flour. It is 100% ground and has had most of the rye berry's bran and germ removed, giving it a less intense flavor, a lighter color and bakes to a lighter consistency with more volume. Bob's Red Mill Light Rye Flour makes a lighter rye bread both in color and texture. Light rye flour can be used for many types of breads and baked goods when a delicate, subtle flavor or texture is preferred. Try adding to your favorite recipes for pancakes, waffles, cookies, pie crusts, crackers, muffins, cakes and pizza crust.

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