Emeril's Steak Rub (12x3.88 Oz)

Emeril's Steak Rub (12x3.88 Oz)
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  • Brand: Emerils
  • Product Code: BANNB75808
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  • $49.51

Enjoy Emerils Steak Rub (12x3.88 Oz). All natural. Add extra sizzle to your steak with my Steak Rub. It's a kicked-up blend of all kinds of great spices like garlic and coriander and 3, count'em, 3 different kinds of peppers. Just rub a little oil and about 1/2 to 1 tsp of Rub into each steak, covering completely. Let em' set awhile (in fridge) for flavor build, then cook'em how you like'em. Bam-tastic. (Please note information is descriptional only. Please refer ingredients on product prior to use and please consult your health professional with any health or dietary matters before use.)

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