J.R. Liggett Ori Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo (1x3.5OZ )

J.R. Liggett Ori Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo (1x3.5OZ )
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J.R.LIGGETT'S OLD-FASHIONED BAR SHAMPOO -The formula for this incredible and unique bar of shampoo was discovered loosely placed in an old New England Cookbook many years ago by J.R.LIGGETT.This is the cornerstone of our fine line of bar shampoos that over the years has proven itself over and over to a countless number of loyal users. This is attested to by the number of years it has been on the market.Its 100% vegetable oil formulation lathers quickly, cleans well, and rinses out and easily, leaving you with healthy, beautiful, and clean hair. It will not strip the natural oils from your hair (there are no detergents) for this reason most people do not need a conditioner! It just smells clean.

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