Napa Valley Gld Blsmc Vinegar (12x12.7OZ )

Napa Valley Gld Blsmc Vinegar (12x12.7OZ )
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Balsamic vinegar's popularity is skyrocketing in the United States. Yet, all too often, when you think you are buying an authentic product, you are probably ending up with an imposter. Today, most Golden Balsamic Vinegar consists simply of sugar, and low-grade vinegar that is boiled and stored in stainless steel tanks for less than one year. At Napa Valley Naturals, our authentic Golden Balsamic Vinegar (Aceto Balsamico Naturale) from the Modena district in central Italy is pure, fresh and fruity with a delicately balanced aroma similar to Chardonnay. This is a fresh, full bodied, zesty vinegar that is light in flavor and won't discolor foods. Produced from Trebbiano grapes picked late in the season at the peak of residual sugar, this is a fresher, sweeter product than our other balsamic vinegars.

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