Zing Lemon Cashew Crunch (12x1.76 OZ)

Zing Lemon Cashew Crunch  (12x1.76 OZ)
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Creamy cashew butter and crunchy whey crisps coupled with a fresh tangy lemon bite from real lemons. No artificial flavorings or aftertastes make this bar a treat. More melt-in-your mouth than chewy.The added bonus? ItÍs also high in whey protein at 15 grams per bar. Now if that isnÍt AmaZing, we donÍt know what is.For muscle tone, Lemon Cashew Crunch packs 15 grams of high quality whey protein that deliver 23% of the recommended daily value. For digestive health, 4 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber meet 16% of the recommended daily value. For brain and heart health, 3 grams of monounsaturated fats from cashews and cashew butter. Even the carbs are smart: less than 10 grams of sugar, and thatÍs slow burning low-glycemic carbs for long lasting dependable energy.With real lemon and cashews, a little tart and not too sweet, this bar tastes more like natural real lemons than other bars. No phony cough drop flavor here!

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