Akpharma Prelief - 300 tablets

Akpharma Prelief - 300 tablets
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Buy Akpharma Prelief - 300 tablets Online – Available at NVO!

Prelief is a safe, effective over-the-counter product that removes the acid irritant from foods and beverages. Prelief helps prevent the discomfort of food-caused heartburn and other food acid problems before they happen.

In addition, each Prelief tablet delivers 6.4% of your calcium RDI, with uniquely absorbable calcium – far more available than from calcium carbonate. The calcium in Prelief is as readily available as the calcium in milk.

  • Your Answer to Food Caused Heartburn
  • The Safe Acid Reducer
  • Take with coffee, wine, fruit juices, tomato sauce... any acid foods
  • Take 2 tablets with each meal, snack or beverage. 2 tablets usually remove enough acid from most foods but more can be taken if needed. 
  • Serving Size: 2 Tablets 
  • Servings Per Container: 150

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