Iconic Pet - Double Sided Pin Comb - Pink

Iconic Pet - Double Sided Pin Comb - Pink
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Diameter of Steel Pin : 1.2mm (dense side),1.5mm (sparse side). Length of Pin:25mm. Number of Pins:32pcs (dense side), 25pcs (sparse side).
Iconic Pet double sided pin comb has a comfortable grip to handle and it is made of TPE and PP, which are eco-friendly.
The pins are made of stainless steel.
Instructions to Use:• Always brush your pet before bathing because water may tighten the existing tangles.• Double sided stainless steel pins of different densities can complement each other in use.• Comb in the direction of hair growth.• This product is suitable for all kinds of pets.• Brushing daily may help to enhance pets blood circulation.
Warning: • This product is intended for pets only.• Extreme pressure of the comb will lead to skin inflammation.• Keep out of reach of children.• Dont leave pet unattended.\

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