Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ60 Adult Edition 131-152 lbs

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ60 Adult Edition 131-152 lbs
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Why are the CZs so much better than any other jumping stilt? 
For years, 99% of all jumping stilts were made by (2) authorized global manufacturers. Most parts on ALL jumping stilts were virtually the same. (Look - they are!) Until now!!! The Air-Trekker CZs now trump all existing jumping stilts models in quality and performance. Nothing is even close.

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ60 Adult Edition 131-152 lbs - attributes:

Literally one of the coolest pieces of sporting equipment available to mankind! The lightest, most advanced jumping stilts on the planet.CZ-A ADULT (also see the new Air-Trekker CZ-A EXTREME Model listed separately).

  • Jump up to 3-5 meters high. Run over 20 miles per hour.
  • The newest technology, at the best prices on the globe.
New Spring Manufacturing Technology Hi-Tech nanometer: delivers small volume, light weight, ultra-responsive with good elasticity.
  • Durable foam knee bar with NEW protective straps.
  • Brand is distributed exclusively under royalty terms of German aerospace engineer Alexander Boeck.
These are spring loaded, top quality jumping stilts available directly from the importer/licensee at the lowest prices on the planet.
VIP: As a beginner, you should buy IN your weight category. Just stay in your weight category and your CZs will come alive. They bend super easy, yet shoot you up with power and speed.

For Example: If your weight is 142 pounds you should buy the CZ60s. If your weight is 185 pounds you should buy the CZ80s. You should be at least 140 pounds to enjoy the Adult Model CZs.

The CZ frame is completely redesigned: New materials and shape: High strength aluminum lithium. (Same material used to create the space shuttle gas tank.) While the M115 is simply extruded/bent aluminum.

The CZ does not have an aluminum sleeve on the lower leg for weight reduction.

The CZ's support brace under the footplate was redesigned as 145 degree, tubular arc, which reduces the concussion of external force on the spring. It�s also much lighter.

The old knee bar attachment mechanism (4 bolts) has been replaced by a hi-tech, bicycle-seat type, quick splitter for fast easy adjustments. No tools are needed!!!!

All CZ models have our high end snow board bindings. No more standard, plastic bindings. Previously, these bindings were only available on the EXTREMES, until now. Now they are on ALL Air-Trekkers CZs.

To reduce weight further the CZ removed the plastic foot plate.
Tough, abrasion resistant footpads were redesigned on the CZ for easy and affordable replacement. High quality PU mixing rubber is used so the serviceable life of the footpad is lengthened considerably
Although all Air-Trekker EXTREMES still come with the very popular �calf cuff part, ALL our adult models now come with a dramatically upgraded knee bar. This CZ adult model now comes with a leg stabilizer wrap that is attached to the inside of the knee bar. This protector allows a tighter, and much more comfortable fit.
With Air-Trekkers, one size DOES NOT FIT ALL.

Your weight, age and cahoonas determine what model and spring strength to purchase. For you to experience maximum comfort for your weight, age, and fitness level, we offer a wide range of models and spring strengths so everyone can enjoy Air-Trekkers. No other brand comes close to offering this type of flexibility for your individual needs.

  • What is the Warranty on my Air-Trekkers?
Air-Trekkers' warranty is straightforward and simple: one year on ALL parts, with the exception of the foot pads. Even our new carbon fiber springs have a one year warranty! This warranty is unmatched!
  • Is Air-Trekking Dangerous?
Anything can be dangerous if used improperly. Air-Trekkers are not toys, take them seriously! Just as you're not an instant Maui north shore surfer, scratch golfer, black diamond snowboarder or X-game skateboarder, you won't be doing back flips on your Air-Trekkers the first day! Please take the time to learn how to properly use Air-Trekkers.

Review our guide manual and the video lessons, watch other trekkers, and attend our online community forums. Step by step you WILL become more confident and when used correctly, Air-Trekkers are no more dangerous than any other extreme sport activity. They ARE a LOT more fun!

To insure your safety, we insist you put on all safety gear before using your Air-Trekkers, including but not limited to helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. By purchasing or using Air-Trekkers, you accept full responsibility for any and all injury and will not hold Alpine Innovations, LLC responsible. You also agree to be 18 years of age or have consent of an adult to purchase or use Air-Trekkers.

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