Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend - 32 fl oz

Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend - 32 fl oz
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Buy Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend 32 fl oz online - Available at NVO!

This powerful blend of 3 parts fulvic to 1 part humic offers unsurpassed natural energy, healing, and anti-viral protection. With superior absorption in the bloodstream maximum benefits are assured.

By combining the healing properties of fulvic with the cellular rejuvenation of humic, the body is supposed with the tools to nourish, restore, and repair.

Much of America's soils are sterile and infertile due to modern agriculture's use of inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. This broken ecosystem has created serious deficiencies of both humic and fulvic, substances that are key to thousands of essential biological functions within the body.

Fulvic and Humic:

  • Enhance and strengthen all cellular functions
  • Provide essential electrical energy to cells
  • Boost absorption and bioavailability of ALL nutrients
  • Have powerful alkalizing properties
  • Detoxify and remove harmful pollutants from the body
  • Reduce inflammation and boost enzyme production.

Scientist attribute the incredible benefits of fulvic-humic to its chelating properties, unsurpassed absorption directly into cells, and vital interaction with other organic molecules in the body.

Fulvic-Humic Blend is perfect for those who want a gentle maintenance formula that alkalizes, detoxiifies, energizes and boosts the immune system of a daily basis. Fulvic-Humic Mineral are nature's perfect elixir!

Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend 32 fl oz - best attributes and directions:

  • Rich dark color
  • Tasteless!
  • Whole food based mineral dietary supplement
  • Complete source of energy minerals, trace elements, and natural amino acids in a pH balanced state
  • Powerful Blend: 3 Parts Fulvic to 1 Part Humic
  • Boosts energy and resistance to colds and flu
  • Strong Anti-Inflammatory
  • Increases permeability of cell membranes
  • Blocks absorption of heavy metals and pesticides
  • No gluten, sugar, preservatives or additives
  • Adults: 1 fluid ounce, 1-3 times daily, as needed. Can be taken straight from the bottle, or added to non-chlorinated water, juice or other Vital-Earth liquid products.
  • Take with food for best absorption. (The bottle lid is a 1 ounce measure). If health challenge exists introduce at 1/4 dosage to allow the body to detoxify slowly. Build up slowly to full dosage.Refrigerate after opening. 

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